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from aegean Nature

Mier natural sea sponge
Sustainably harvested by hand from the Aegean Sea. Unbleached, no chemical has been added subjected to treatment. Highly absorbent, pleasantly soft and extra fine-pored skin-friendly for babies, children and adults.

Mièr natural sponge

From the Aegean Sea
Sponges from cooler and deeper regions of the eastern Aegean Sea grow more slowly. These have a significantly more durable, more elastic fiber.
The natural sponges from this eastern region of the Aegean are characterized by a particularly fine, narrow-pored structure. The sponges remain natural and are not bleached and do not come into contact with any chemicals.
They are sustainably harvested by hand by divers. 100% biodegradable from nature to nature.
Because it is a purely natural product that grows in the sea, its shape and size may differ from the picture as each piece is unique. Every sponge looks different. The illustration is therefore an example.
The natural sponges care for and thoroughly cleanse the skin in a particularly gentle, gentle and natural way. This makes them suitable for baby and facial care and is part of every wellness experience.